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the catharsis experience is available on 13 select nights throughout october 2016.
hours: 8:00pm - 11:30pm

tickets to catharsis are sold in 30-minute arrival windows. you must arrive and check in during that window. upon arrival, you will first enter the deadly sins bar, where you may check in, relax, enjoy a drink and a few sinfully fun activities while you await your entry to the experience.

october 21, 2016
october 22, 2016
october 23, 2016
october 26, 2016
october 27, 2016
october 28, 2016
october 29, 2016
october 30, 2016

you will experience catharsis in groups of 1 - 4.

standard entry ($24 per person) - you / your group may enter with other guests.

private entry upgrade ($10 extra per person) - you / your group will enter without other guests. this upgrade enables you to enter ALONE, if you wish...

to experience catharsis ALONE or in a PRIVATE GROUP you MUST purchase a standard arrival ticket PLUS the upgrade for each person.

you're just one sinful step away from losing your soul.
catharsis is inevitable.

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